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Billing and Revenue Cycle Management


Simple solutions that make a difference.

Datapro is your partner in third party medical billing and collection services. We work closely with you and your staff to develop a customized solution that streamlines your billing process, ensures faster payment, and prevents lost revenue. 

Quality is what we believe in

Datapro is a full service billing company that has served behavioral health providers and facilities for over 30 years. Our experienced team members work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that streamline the billing process, ensuring faster payment and preventing lost revenue.

Our gimmick-free approach to insurance billing includes:

  • Accurate benefit verification

  • Maximum days authorized

  • Clean claim submission

  • Timely and consistent follow-up

  • Proven success with insurance appeals

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Comprehensive Third-party Medical Billing Services

Our team knows how to set up clients for success. Whether you are new, or have an existing facility that’s struggling with collections, we can help. For new facilities, we offer insurance set up, training, licensing and accreditation so you get paid as soon as you open. If you’re an existing facility, we will focus on collecting outstanding receivables and can work with your team to streamline processes that could be causing a delay in payment.

Benefit Verification

Utilization Review

Billing and Collections

Financial Reporting


LCSW Harmony Place, CEO

"I have been a client and friend of Kris Dennis and Datapro Billing Service for the past twenty years. Datapro has provided outstanding insurance billing services as well as follow up with insurance companies on accounts receivable. What I like most about Datapro Billing Service and the reason I have stayed with them for so long is their personalized service, consistency, and the ability to maximize my receivable in a quick manner."

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