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DataPro Billing Service 

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Datapro Billing Service was founded by Krista Dennis in 1994 as a professional billing company specializing in Mental Health. Due to her high level of service and attention to detail, the company organically expanded and now serves  a variety of mental health and substance abuse providers and facilities throughout the US.


Datapro's team consists of leaders with experience in both the provider and billing side of behavioral healthcare. The team is dedicated to providing a high-quality service by being responsive to each client’s needs and by implementing streamlined processes that are proven to work. Because Datapro specializes in behavioral health, we remain informed on new payer regulations, rapidly changing industry laws, and coding updates.


No matter how big or small your business, Datapro can help save you time, increase your revenue, and provide valuable insight that will help your business thrive.

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DataPro team members have years of experience providing billing services to providers and  facilities in many fields, including:

  •     Anesthesiology

  •     Mental Health Facilities

  •     Pain Management

  •     Physical Therapy

  •     Psychiatry

  •     Psychology

  •     Substance Abuse Facilities

  •     TMS Therapy

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