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Meeting Your Needs

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Comprehensive Third-party Medical Billing Services

Our comprehensive medical billing and management solutions take care of complex and time-consuming tasks, such as communicating with insurance companies, billing claims, and drafting appeals so you can focus on patient care. Our services will streamline your billing process and prevent lost revenue.

Verification of Benefits

We deliver accurate benefits information quickly. Our expertise in insurance policy and our comprehensive database will give you insight to policy reimbursement and help eliminate the risk of claim denials once your patient admits.

 Utilization Review

Our team understands how to negotiate with insurance providers to receive the maximum number of days at the highest level of care. From admission to discharge, we advocate for your clients and hold payers accountable to ensure your client receives the care they need.

Billing and Follow-up

We guarantee weekly follow-up on all unpaid claims. Our staff undergoes regular training to prevent errors in coding and ensure complete compliance with new insurance requirements.

Financial Reporting

Our reporting system allows you to access data within our billing software. Together, we can develop custom reports that are tailored to your practice or facility's needs. Our custom reports help you identify trends and improve the financial health of your business

Insurance Appeals

With over 30 years in the industry, Datapro has a proven track record of successful appeals. Our staff will fight claim denials all the way to the state.

Consulting and Training

We ensure you and your staff are up-to-date on new compliance standards and regulations that could delay a claim or result in claim denials. We identify common errors and offer training to help your staff improve its procedures.

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