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Employers Posed to Expand Mental Health Coverage for 2023

Employers are looking to enhance their mental health care and other benefits for employees in the coming year. New research shows employees have challenges accessing care and remaining healthy both physically and mentally.

“Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans struggled with mental health and substance use challenges,”

said Kate Berry, senior vice president of clinical affairs and strategy partnership at AHIP, based in Washington D.C. Kate goes on to describe the mismatch between the supply of mental health resources and the care that’s truly needed.

Something that can be done to enhance employee’s overall physical and mental health is for the employer to provide this coverage. Employer provided mental health care is the essential path to access this much needed support.

Research shows that going into the new year employers are responding to this need. Companies are prioritizing behavioral healthcare when it comes to choosing insurance plans for their staff. As a matter of fact, about 89% are actively recruiting mental health care providers. This information is based on responses from administrators of plans that represent over 95 million enrollees. Behavioral Health Facilities and providers can benefit from this trend.

Let’s go over some items to keep in mind during this period that will enhance the number of patients you can care for.

Go in-network

Many employer-based plans emphasize in-network based care. Going in-network is one of the best ways to get referrals. Research large corporations in your area and which insurance plans they offer to their employees.

Community outreach

Become part of your community and be the first option for these companies as they consider mental healthcare practitioners. Find corporations in your local area and introduce

yourself. Introduce yourself in person, bring down your business card and get talking with the managers and HR. You can even attend a local job fair and introduce yourself to many local companies all at once. The best referral is word of mouth, and if a company's HR team knows about the good work you are doing, the more likely you are to get referrals.


Companies are looking at various factors that prevent employees from seeking out mental healthcare. Hours of access and transportation to and from are among the top challenges and can decrease the likelihood that a person will get the care they need. Interferences like not having a car, cost of gas, non-working car, and bus schedule discrepancies make receiving care difficult for many. The solution for this issue includes Telehealth medicine.

Set up your practice or facility with Telehealth. Pre-pandemic, telehealth was not accepted by most insurance companies, but research now shows that telehealth is here to stay. The easy access to care help clients adhere to a program. Telecommunication also helps doctors keep in contact with clients after treatment has ended. This simple check-in can significantly help client’s overall success.

It's an amazing that companies care enough about their employees to see the needs for mental health care access and treatment. Make sure your facility doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you benefit from this trend. Implement the suggestions above and remember Datapro Billing Services is here to assist you with all your needs.

If you have any questions about this trend or need any assistance with medical billing needs, please contact us today.

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