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Healthcare Should NOT Be a Privilege

This week, a viral Instagram post highlighted a major problem with the US healthcare system. In a since modified post on Instagram, Kourtney Kardashian wrote,

"I've always been lucky enough to do more than what insurance covers, and it's one of those ultrasounds that saved my baby's life."

Major media outlets were quick to report on this story. There was a lot of attention drawn to the headline, but no one brought into question what this means for the majority of other Americans who aren't "lucky enough" to do more than what insurance covers.

All of the news articles that I read closed their stories by discussing the support and gratitude that Kourtney felt for her doctors, husband and family who rushed to be by her side.

Yes, we all love a happy ending, however, as the owner of a boutique medical billing firm whose dedicated staff spends the majority of their days fighting insurance companies, I was disappointed by the attention that this story received. There was no call on the American healthcare system to do better. There wasn't even any real criticism of the fact that the majority of Americans would not have had access to this "life-saving" ultrasound.

I am tired of feeling like the insurance companies have the upper hand. I'm calling for us to demand more of our institutions. I'm asking journalists to address the difficult topics, and for the people who have influence in society to say more. Healthcare is an industry that serves people but has put its people last and it’s about time time for that to change.

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