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Increase your revenue with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Due to the escalating opioid epidemic, the use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is growing quickly; almost doubling since 2007. MAT can offer huge benefits for patients, allowing them to escape the vicious cycle of withdrawal symptoms that makes it so difficult to stop drug use. Studies show that patients who undergo MAT have a 4 to 8 times lower risk of death than other patients with opioid use disorder. These patients also have a lower risk of arrest and incarceration as well as higher employment rates.

As demand for MAT care has climbed, medication-assisted treatment centers have sprung up across the country. These clinics offer safe, controlled use of medicines like methadone and suboxone on an outpatient basis, helping many patients receive treatment while still living at home and holding a job.

Partner with MAT Centers to Increase Revenue

While MAT centers offer more treatment options to patients, they also provide addiction treatment centers with an opportunity for partnership. By connecting with MAT centers in your area, you help create a network of support for patients that can help both your center and the MAT center increase referrals and revenue.

Unfortunately, MAT may not be enough for some patients, particularly those with comorbid conditions like depression or anxiety. Staff at the MAT center may need to refer these patients who are struggling to more comprehensive treatment, such as inpatient care or intensive outpatient treatment.

If you have a strong relationship with the MAT center, you may be more likely to receive their referral. By having a MAT center you trust, you also have somewhere to direct your patients after they leave your care.

Develop MAT Centers in Your Community

Another option for increased revenue and growth is to create a MAT center that is affiliated with your residential or outpatient services. As an addiction treatment center, you likely have many of the resources you need already in place. By creating a new center, you offer your patients another option for continuing care and support that will allow them to maintain abstinence long-term.

In addition to keeping patients within your system of care, MAT centers also often have higher reimbursement from insurance companies than some other forms of treatment. MAT provides insurance companies with measurable outcomes and data that you can use to negotiate higher reimbursement.

MAT services are only expected to grow and grow as the opioid crisis worsens. By creating your own center, you provide a valuable service while taking advantage of one of the largest areas of growth in behavioral health care.

Implementing medication-assisted treatment is just one way to improve your bottom line. For more ideas on increasing revenue for your addiction treatment center, please contact Datapro Billing at 805-579-3537 or fill out our online form.

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